About First Down Training

quinton porterFirst Down Training was founded by Quinton Porter in 2010 after his 4th professional season.  He started the program with the goal of giving Maine’s young players the kind of instruction he was lucky enough to receive from NFL coaches, and which he was starving for as an aspiring player from Maine.  Two years later the program was such a success and so many players were signing up that he brought on Kendrick Ballantyne from Gorham, who played tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, to coach the wide-receivers and tight ends.  They also expanded to the full indoor field at the Portland Sports Complex.  Now, with five coaches and growing, First Down Training is poised to take it’s unrivaled football instruction across the state of Maine throughout the entire year.

We at First Down Training operate under the belief that athletic achievement, in this case football, is not only physically beneficial but is mentally and emotionally beneficial as well.  In this respect, we not only intend to make players the best they can be on the field, we also believe that by doing so we are giving them tools they need to improve in all aspects of life.  Finding the confidence, discipline, and emotional stability necessary for success in football contributes directly to the overall health and happiness of that individual.  This is why First Down Training is so excited to work with football players of all ages, doing our small part to make our communities better places to live.